Cisco Core Infrastructure

Cisco Systems is the undisputed leader in data network infrastructure solutions. The majority of internet traffic passes through the digital pathways made possible by the devices manufactured by Cisco Systems. One hundred percent of the companies who comprise the Fortune 500, use Cisco products in their business.

MASSBITS recognizes the importance of reliability, scalability, security and speed when it comes to your business data. That is why we recommend Cisco solutions and why we stand behind that recommendation in several ways.

First, we use Cisco products exclusively in our own voice and data network backbone. We also maintain an extensive array of Cisco products for lab use that allows our staff to simulate customer requirements. Finally, we maintain a strong partnership with Cisco System. This partnerships facilitates further advanced training for our staff and helps us provide clients the best service possible.

Some Cisco Solutions that we provide :
    • Cisco Aironet Wireless Access Point and Wireless LAN Controllers
    • Cisco Call Manager, Call Manager Express, Unity and Unity Express Telephony Solutions
    • Cisco Telepresence and Unified communications Video Solutions
    • Cisco Switches / Switching
    • Cisco Routers / Routing
    • Cisco Advanced Security Appliance (ASA) / Firewalls
    • Microwave / Satellite
    • Virtual / Data Center Servers
    • Support / SmartNet
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