MASSBITS knows that those in the construction industry likely work hard and often long hours. Whether your focus is commercial, residential or a trade subcontractor, you wear many hats: scheduler, salesperson, accountant, estimator, customer service representative and accountant. Sometimes the management of actual construction seems like the smallest part of your job.

MASSBITS can help many construction companies and contractors:
  • Develop more accurate estimates.
  • Have a more professional image that wins more of your bids.
  • Get control of your schedule.
  • Gain leads, qualify more opportunities and generate more revenue.
  • Avoid difficult relationships with customers or subcontractors due to invoices and change order costs.
  • Avoid missing deadlines.
  • Get the right products, at the right time, at the right price.
  • Avoid being buried in paperwork, that often gets lost.
  • Free Training
    For Business

    We are truly invested in our clients business success.

    We team with experts to provide weekly workshops on business issues and free reference guides; a new one each month.

  • April 2014
    No Fooling

    To recognize this April's Fools Day, we will release the the "No Fooling Around Guide to Medical Compliance". This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) is developed for Massbits by a Certified Medical Compliance Officer (CMCO).

    Free healthcare workshop in Cape Coral with a guest Healthcare Consultant, CMCO, CPC

  • May 2014
    May Powers

    This month is "May Powers" our Quick Reference Guide (QRG) to protecting business for a catostropich event, without breaking the bank. If your building was unihabitable, could you still do business?

    Free workshop in Fort Myers with an expert business continutiy expert.

  • June 2014
    Flags of our fathers

    This is the month of Flag Day and Fathers Day, and we are clebrating with family: Uncle Sam! We're provide. Quick Reference Guides (QRG) on business tax basics and employement law compliance.

    Free workshop in Cape Coral with two guest presents; a tax professional and attorney.